Fiji & Australia Snacks

International Famous Snacks Foods made by Fiji and Australia's largest food manufactures. Many generations in, Fiji Islands, Samoa, Tonga, Australia, New Zealand and North Pacific, and Asia have grown up eating and enjoying these delicious snacks foods. Made from premium quality ingredients to ensure quality and taste. All these snacks foods are produced fresh for us and are crispy and tasty! These snacks foods are icons, pride, joy, tradition, and heritage of Fiji and Australia! All our snacks are very popular sellers!

Fiji Twisties, Yumo’s, Ufo’s

Fiji’s Twisties, Yumo’s and UFO’s snacks foods are iconic, famous, snacks of the Pacific Region! These Fijian snacks foods have been part of life for Fijiian, Tongan, Samoan, Australian, and New Zealanders for decades and generations! Twisties, Yumo’s, and UFO’s are a daily part of life for Pacific Islanders. Loved by people of all ages!

1292 Made fresh for us by of the one largest and leading manufacturer’s in the South Pacific, we import a full range of your favorite back home:
  • Twisties Chicken & Cheese (All Sizes)
  • Yumo’s Cheese & Chicken (All Sizes)
  • Ufo’s Snacks (All Sizes)
  • Edmonds Acto Baking Power
  • Edmonds Custard Powder
  • Pick-Me-Up Sauce (All Sizes)

Fiji Bongos & Peanut Ruffs

1292 Bongos and Peanut Ruffs are legendary snacks foods. These snacks are famous and popular for Fijians and the entire Pacific Region! Happy memories from your childhood and on ward! We import the following:
  • Bongos Cheese & Chicken (All Sizes)
  • Peanut Ruffs (All Sizes)

Fiji BBC® Indian Bhuju Snacks, Fiji’s most delicious and famous Indian snacks foods. Available in Mixed Bhuja, Salted Peas (Matar), and Seo in 7oz bags. BBC snacks are fresh made for us!

New Zealand & Australia Candies/Lollies

Pascall/Cadbury Candies from New Zealand & Australia

1319 Delicious candies/lollies from New Zealand and Australia! Pascall® and Cadbury® candies are the oldest and most famous brands of New Zealand and as well as Australia. These candies are popular in the South Pacific Islands: Samoa, America Samoa, Tonga, Fiji Islands, North Pacific Islands, and Asia too! Are you homesick and missing your favorite lollies? You do not have to be anymore!

Minties® Candy, a chewy mint flavored candy. New Zealand & Australia’s most favorite mint toffee. You and any loved one can enjoy Minties! Also very popular in the Pacific Islands as well. And candy lovers have loved Minties for decades and decades. Pride, heritage, and great taste!

1323 Milk Shakes® Candy, chewy milk flavored candy. New Zealand & Australia’s most favorite milk toffee. You and any loved one can enjoy Milk Shakes! Also very popular in the Pacific Islands as well. Pride, heritage, and great taste!

Pineapple Lumps® Candy, a chewy pineapple flavored chocolate covered candy.

Fruit Burst® Candy, chewy fruit flavored candies. Available in Original, Tropical, and Sour! A favorite of the New Zealand, Australia, and Pacific Islands!

Chocolate Eclairs®, a caramel chocolate candy toffee. A big favorite of New Zealand and Australia!

Wine Gums®, fruit flavored chewy candy! A true icon of New Zealand. Wine Gums are delicious candy!

We carry full line of candies: Licorice Allsorts®, Mint Imperials®, Party Pack®, Milk Bottles®, Jet Planes® and many many more.

1327 Cadbury Chocolates

New Zealand & Australia’s most oldest and famous brand chocolate! Made from premium quality ingredients for great taste. A favorite of New Zealanders, Australians, Fijians, Tongans, and Samoans for generations!

We import a full range of your favorites Cadbury Chocolate Lollies: Cadbury Crunchie®, Flakes®, Dairy Milk Chocolate®, Dream White Chocolate®, Fruit & Nut®, Coconut Rough®, Caramello®, Roasted Almond®, Moro®, Picnic®, Jaffas®, Summer Roll®, and so many more of mouth watering chocolates. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us.

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